Project Management

Do you have a project or idea you would like to bring to life? We can help you build a project plan and provide regular follow ups to ensure you are on target. We will offer you a customized project plan that fits your structure to ensure you and your team are better equipped to focus on the execution and the success of your project.

Typical Scenario: You are an academic organization that has received funding for a specific project. There are so many tasks to do and too many unknown factors. Time is passing and you are you are not advancing the project. You need help with pretty much everything from finances to governance to managing your sponsor’s expectations. We will be able to organize and structure your project through a customized approach using project management best practices to offer you clarity in deadlines, priorities, costs, and more.

Project Deliverables and Actions

In the case you are understaffed or have a tight timeline and budget, we will be able to offer to produce various project management deliverables like: market research, partnership building, relationship building with the stakeholders, communications plan, marketing plan.

Typical scenario: You have a project. You may or may not have received government funding though you are looking for more resources. We will analyze federal and provincial funds to which you might qualify. We can also make calls on your behalf with interesting companies or organizations to ensure that your project gains visibility and we are able to attract sponsors. We can also manage and execute on communications and marketing plans to ensure the project is alive and known. We would love to help build an ecosystem around your project

Import Export Expertise
We have on our team an expertise in international business and import export. We can help your company with its demands in research and execution when importing foreign goods and services. We have also build an expertise and partnership with local partners in the south of Spain that allows us to offer you a very customized and tailored approach to exporting your products to Granada province in Spain.

Typical Scenario: You are a small business that produces an online leadership course for executives. You have been gaining customers in the Canadian market and think you will be able to gain some more customers overseas. We are able to provide you with an export expansion plan as well as manage the steps you need to be able to reach customers inĀ Granada, Andalucia, Spain.

Contact us to find out more if we can help you with you project.